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liepos 2012
Baltic Sea Biosphere Polygon on its way

The Baltic Sea Biosphere Polygon is being set up to preserve the valuable ecosystem of the Baltic Sea at the Curonian Spit, and in particular the regular accumulation sites of EU-relevant migrating water birds – Little Gulls and wintering water birds – Velvet Scoters and Razorbills, perform monitoring of protected bird species and research relating to the protection of species, collect information about the variety and condition of bird species, analyse the impact of human activity on marine ecosystems, etc. It will be part of the national integrated ecological and specialised system for the monitoring of the status of biological diversity and of the European ecological network Natura 2000.

kovo 2012
White Storks allready registered in all regions of Lithuania

As we already mentioned, the first first skylarks were observed exactly at the day of the National Lark Festival Day (February 24). While the Lapwing – a some days earlier (National Lapwing Day – February 27), The rooks on the National Rook Day (March 4) were seen already on the nests in some areas of the country.

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